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Domestic Sliding Gate Opener - Centsys D2 Turbo

  • Cost effective operator for domestic gates weighing up to 250kg
  • Turbo Speed for greater security and convenience
  • Reliable battery backup
  • Multiple Modes of Operation
  • Adaptive collision sensing
  • Stylish design
  • Simple user interface
  • Modular components clip together for easy maintenance
  • Lockable, easy manual override
  • Can operate off a solar supply* 


Prepare your sliding gate to be turbo charged! A 12V DC battery revs the D2 Turbo up to 9000rpm so it'll move gates weighing up to 250 kilograms at up to 24 metres per minute. Now that's fast...

Sleek, strong, stylish - and even eco-conscious - this gate motor has it all.

No mains power at your gate? No Problem! THe feature-rich and cost-efective D2 Turbo Low-Voltage domestic gates only requires a low-voltage AC or DC input to give life to it's powerful DC motor. 

The D2 Turbo combines easy installation, built-in Battery Backup, Adaptive Collision Sensing and Centsys' 24 month warranty to provide you with the perfect domestic sliding gate solution

Choose you speed
Choose the Low Speed Profile to make sure your kids and pets are even safer. Alternative, kick it into high gear with the D2 Turbo's High Speed Profile to open and close your gate in the blink of an eye.
Always on guard
Reliable Battery Backup ensures that the D@ Turbo remains on high alert, come blackouts, brownouts or nights out on the town. When you get home, your D2 Turbo will be standing by to let you in at the touch of a button. For extended standby power you can even upgrade the compact 5Ah battery to a 7Ah one. 
Adaptive Collision Sensing
Even with the High Speed Profile engaged, our advanced Adaptive Collision Sensing system helps to ensure that your car and your family are our of harm's way.