Garage Doors - Sectional


Panelmasta Garage Door

  • Fully enclosed stiles
  • Smooth & Durable operation
  • Steel door track
  • Optional Nylon hinges
  • Bottom Weatherseal
  • Three Styles available


The Panelmasta® range comes in three styles with a large range of colours and window designs available. Each door is tailor made to suit your home and comes with a range of features that provide strength and durability.

• Choice of three styles.
• Optional window designs available.
• Wide range of colours.
• Choice of woodgrain or smooth finish.
Weather protection
• Soft, pliable bottom weatherseal helps stop leaves and rain entering under the door.

Smooth, quiet operation
• Nylon wheels with roller bearings for smoother, more durable operation.
• Hi-tensile box section door stiles, bonded with adhesive to the door panel, minimising the transmission of sound.
• Optional nylon hinges ensures quiet operation.
Strength & Durability
• Springs designed for 10,000 cycles.
• Heavy duty galvanised steel hinges and door track. (Nylon hinges available on request).
• Reo endcap protects against cuts caused by Reo edging.
A wide range of sizes
• Available in sizes up to 7100mm wide (Contemporary max size 6100mm wide)
• Suit openings up to 3050mm high.
12 month warranty for complete door and parts in domestic and industrial/commercial applications, surface (excludes salt corrosion).
*As with all types of garage doors, for optimal trouble free performance and safety, we recommend you have your door serviced annually.